Office Setup home and student 2016 –

Office setup home and student

For office setup home and student 2016, user should have a Microsoft Account, where they can activate office home and student product key online via web browser by visiting URL

Office setup home and student 2016

Download, install and Activate Office 2016 on your PC

To office setup home and student 2016, user need to follow the steps listed below: –

  1. First of all, go to your Microsoft account dashboard and choose Sign In
  2. Sign in using the associated with this version of Office.
  3. Select Services and Subscriptions at the top of the page
  4. Choose Office product you want to install on the page that appears, and select Install.
  5. If you’re installing Office in a different language, or if you’re installing the 64-bit version, select the language, 32/64-bit, other installation options, or other option link, depending on what you see on the screen. give me. Select the required version of the language and bit, and then choose Install.

Install Office Home and Student 2016

To Install office home and student 2016, user need to follow the steps listed below: –

  • Keep in mind that the boxed version of Office is licensed for only one installation.
  • Select Run, Setup or Save File, depending on the browser you are using.
  • Allow User Account Control prompt, press Yes.
  • The installation will start.
  • The installation is complete when you see the text “All done. Office is installed” and an animation showing the location of the Office application on your computer. Select ” Close “.

Activate Office Home and Student 2016 online

To activate office home and student online, user can follow the steps listed below :-

  • Open Web Browser
  • URL :- home and student
  • Sign-in with Microsoft Account
  • Enter 25 digits product key
  • Tap to continue to process
  • Choose Language and country
  • Click on continue then you will be redirect to my product and key will be activate with your account.

How do I sign up for MS Office?

  1. Click “Create new account”. (Click “Sign in” if you already have an account)
  2. Tap on “Create”.
  3. Enter the email address you have and click “Next”
  4. Enter your favorite password and click “Next”
  5. The password you enter here will be the password for logging in to your Microsoft account .
  6. Input your first name and last name and then press ‘Next’
  7. Enter “Date of Birth” and click “Next”
  8. At this point, you should have received the following email at the email address you entered.
  9. Enter the security code (red frame) written in the email on the next screen and click “Next”.
  10. Enter the characters of the image and click “Next”

Activate Office Home and Student 2016 Offline

You can open apps such as Word and Excel and start using applications right away. If you can’t find Office after installation

In most cases, [after starting the application agree Once you have agreed to the license terms by clicking], Office becomes active.

Office may be activated automatically. However, depending on the product, you may see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard. In that case, follow the prompts to activate Office.

How To Reinstall Office 2016?

To reinstall office home and student 2016, user need to follow some steps : The product key can be found on the Microsoft Office 2016 license card.

Reinstall Office 2019 account and password

If you have not created a Microsoft account yet , please create one by referring to this page. Access You can access by clicking this character while connected to the Internet.

  • Click “Sign in” on the displayed screen.
  • The “Sign in” screen will be displayed.
  • Enter your “Microsoft account.
  • Since the screen of “Enter Password” is displayed, “Microsoft account password” and enter a “sign-in” click.
  • The “Enter Product Key” screen will be displayed. Enter the “Product Key” printed on the Microsoft Office license card and click “Next” .
  • Select the country or region you want to use and the corresponding language , and click “Next”.
  • Click it when ‘Next’ is shown under ‘Get Office’.
  • The product name and product key to be installed will be displayed.
    Make sure they are right and press “Download Now”
  • Click “Execute” from the items displayed at the bottom of the screen .
    “When the “Do you want to allow your PC to make changes with this app? message appears. ” Is displayed , click “Yes” .
    Installation will start. The message “All is complete” appears when the installation is complete..